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Running Horse® Horse Feed matches the correct feed to the right stage of your horses’ activity level.  Breeding, competition, pleasure or retirement, we’ve got the balanced nutrition necessary to help keep your horse in the best shape possible.  If you’ve never used Running Horse®, now is the time to try it.  Head to the Dealer Locator to find your local dealer…and thanks for stopping by!

“We not only make the feed, we use it.”

Running Horse is a registered trademark of Consumers Supply. We’ve been on the job serving agriculture since 1956 as the premier wholesale distributor of products and services for farmers and ranchers. We provide our retail customers with products for animal nutrition, feed ingredients, feed grade pharmaceuticals, amino acids, nutritional pre-mixes and specialty products for the livestock industry.


As a customer you should know that our facility is certified by the Facility Certification Institute (FCI) a feed industry standard to ensure feed and food safety and we are certified by the American Feed Industry (AFIA) Safe Feed/Safe Food Program.


Consumers Supply is located in North Sioux City, South Dakota. Our production facility is in Sioux City, Iowa where we also manufacture Country Vet® Pet Foods a complete line of dog and cat food.

At Running Horse, we believe in our feed.

The Running Horse feeds and Treat line are 100% extruded. The extrusion process differs significantly from pelleting and offers several distinct advantages in feeding horses. During the extrusion process feed is actually cooked under pressure at high temperatures for a short period of time. The mix is then forced through a die to determine the final shape and size. The heat from the friction and steam breaks down bonds to make the feed more water soluble. This makes the feed more easily digested and makes certain nutrients more available to the horse.

Rally & Stefanee Flanagan Valley View, TX

Thank you for all your help in giving me more quality time with my best friend. Thanks to you and your wonderful feed Rally not only lived longer but was healthier and happier than ever. What more could I have asked for?

Jack & Marilyn Williams Meridian, ID

We “get it” that as trainers and competitors we need to put back what we take out. That’s what Running Horse has done for us. “Feed to train, train to win”. Thanks Running Horse we hope more folks join the team.

Terry & Laural Bennett Caldwell, ID

We recommend Running Horse Feed to anyone who wants the best feed for their horses. The results we’ve seen at our ranch and at places where other have made the switch to Running Horse has been the same, outstanding. Running Horse is consistant from the first bag to the next in looks, smell and performance. Running Horse sure has made my feeding chores easier.