Rally (42 Years Young) and Stefanee Flanagan

Meet Rally and Stefanee.  This is what what she has to say about Running Horse Senior – “Thank you for all your help in giving me more quality time with my best friend.  Thanks to you and your wonderful feed Rally not only lived longer but was healthier and happier than ever.  What more could I have asked for?”  Stefanne Flanagan, Valley View, TX  

Note:  Rally was on 5lb/day of Running Horse Senior these photos were taken when Rally was 39.  Thanks Stefanee for the great story.

Jack & Marilyn Williams – JM Quarter Horses – Meridian, ID

We stand stallions by Smart Little Lena, Color Me Smart, Hollywood Dunnit and Topsail Whiz.  We show at Cutting, Reined Cow Horse and Reining.  We also have a training program with as many as 12 “outside” horses.  My road to Running Horse has been full of “trials and errors” along the way.  In other words, we’ve tried ’em all.   Our “road” ended at Running Horse.  It’s really amazing.  Within 20 days of switching to Running Horse I noticed we didn’t have to run the “high” out of the horses.  Then we noticed our hay consumption was down while the horses body condition was actually much better.  “How could this be?”  Must be the feed.

As our program grew we needed more out of our horses and wouldn’t you know that Running Horse makes a performance feed, “Cut n’ Slide”.  We made the switch from one Running Horse Feed to another all without any loss of feed, or rejection of the feed by our horses.  It’s amazing.

Now, after over a  year of feeding only Running Horse our horses energy levels are just right, they have controllable energy and the stamina necessary for “going down the fence”.  And, they look great.

We “get it” that as trainers and competitors we need to put back what we take out.  That’s what Running Horse has done for us.  “Feed to train, train to win”.  Thanks Running Horse we hope more folks join the team.

Jack & Marilynn Williams

Terry & Laural Bennett – Rockin’ B – Caldwell, ID

We raise Tenesee Walking Horses for trail, pleasure, field trials and show.  For years we’ve looked for a feed that was balanced enough to feed to ALL our horses.  We’ve found it in Running Horse!  Our base feed is Running Horse Senior and when we increase demand on our horses we transition to Cut n’ Slide.  All without upset to their digestive system and there are zero rejection issues.  

We recommend Running Horse Feed to anyone who wants the best feed for their horses.  The results we’ve seen at our ranch and at places where other have made the switch to Running Horse has been the same, outstanding.  Running Horse is consistant from the first bag to the next in looks, smell and performance.  Running Horse sure has made my feeding chores easier.

Terry & Laural Bennett

 Sara Mittleider & El Primero (Tony)

I’ve been feeding Cut n’ Slide to my International Level 3 Day Event horses, El Primero (pictured with Sara up) and Here’s Awesome, this season.  They are hard working horses who travel by trailer and airplane to competitions in the United States and abroad.  Travel can be stressful for horses and they can “go off” their feed or have digestive upsets.  A good feeding program is extremely important in keeping them healthy and happy.

I am very pleased with the way my horses are maintaining their weight with Cut n’ Slide. Their energy levels are very good.  They recover from their workouts and competitions quickly.  Their coats are slick and shiny, and most importantly they love it!

My horses and I really appreciate the effort Running Horse has put into developing a feed product that works so well, and judging by the way my horses clean their feed tubs, Running Horse tastes great too.

As we strive to be the best that we can be, the “Mittleider Event Team” thanks you for your continued support.  We look forward to being part of the “Running Horse Team”.


Sara Mittleider – For more about Sara, “Tony” and Eventing just click here!


Before being introduced to the Running Horse line, I thought I was doing what every responsible horse owner does by going to my local feed store and purchasing a good quality sweet feed.  Little did I know that I was loading my horses up on high amounts of unnecessary sugars and starches.  After being educated on the extrusion process that the Running Horse line follows, I began to give that production process a lot of thought and research.  It became clear to me that by feeding a sweet mix, I was doing nothing more than giving my horses a “candy bar and a can of pop”.  By switching to an extruded feed, not only do I cut out the sugar, my horses digest the feed more efficiently resulting in zero grain waste in the manure.  I also feel that the light weight crunchy composition that makes up the grain is easier for my horses to chew and is less abrasive on their teeth.  I’ve also had my equine dentist inform me that the extruded feed will help prevent premature tooth decay.

I’ve got a young horse that I always had problems keeping weight on.  The Running Horse has helped her to fill out in her hips and chest and she looks better than ever!!  All my horses look good and feel good!!  I will never go back to a sweet mix and I’m encouraging my friends to make the switch also!!!

– Amanda Krammer – Arcadia, NE

“Our stallion, Slinky Little Jewel has great success with Running Horse Equine Nutrition.  It is very palatable and his transition from his regular diet was an easy one.  Slinky consumes less feed and hay than before. Throughout the stressful breeding season, he maintains his body condition and a sleek, shine to his hair coat.”

–   Tricia Brown
Thunderstruck Farms
Wilber, NE.

Visit their Website by clicking here.  (ThunderstruckFarms.net)

My pleasure horse, Blue, had always been “frisky” after feeding and wouldn’t calm down in practice.  I had to lunge him for 30 minutes just to get him to pay attention to me.  Since I switched him from a sweet feed to Running Horse, I now just get on him and ride him around for 5-10 minutes before he’s ready to pay attention and get serious.  I’m feeding him less feed and that’s nice when I’m showing on the road.  It has made a noticeable difference in his ability to maintain his energy for those long shows, too.

Erica Lechtenberg, Oakland, NE


There are so many feeds and feed companies it can be hard to choose one for your horse.  I was flooded with information from various feed dealers in my search to find the right feed for my horse.  I do competitive trail riding and because I put a lot of miles on my horse it’s important for me to know he is getting the proper nutrition to sustain his performance level and overall health.  I’ve been impressed with the results I get from Running Horse Cut N’ Slide.  After only three weeks of use, my horse was more consistent because he was not experiencing the “sugar highs” caused by the excess starches in other feed products.  And with the 90% digestibility rate, there is no waste.  Finally, because I don’t have to feed as much I don’t have to carry as much with me to events.  I highly recommend Cut N’ Slide to other performance horse owners.

Sarah J. Garcia




Racing Season Winner:



We began feeding Cut n’ Slide in the fall of 2006.  Our horses stayed in great condition all winter long.  When the 2007 racing season began our horses stayed on Cut n’ Slide.  (They also stayed in the “feed bucket” for longer periods!)  All of this has resulted in our horses being in top condition.  We’re really pleased with Running Horse and think you will be too.


Todd Veerhusen

Owner:  Nikki Nine


Reserve World Champion:



Our stallion, Duns of Impact, shows in halter as well as performance events.  We’ve been feeding Running Horse for some time.  We’ve been impressed that he has that “halter look” without being fed a lot of starches and his actual digestion of the feed is better than anything else we have tried.  Glossy coat, great attitude and eliminating the threat of colic because of slower digestion has been worth it for us.  We would not feed him anything but Running Horse.


Jasine Helzer

Triple H Ranch




I want to let you know how much I love Cut n’ Slide!  I have five horses, three Quarter Horses, one Paint, one American Warmblood and one Draft Horse.  All are under the age of 10.  The Quarter Horses and Paint are used for Team Roping and general cattle/ranch work.  The American Warmblood and Draft are used for Jumping.


At one time I used another commercial pelleted feed and thought it to be adequate, and our horses were doing well.  I decided to give your feed a try after checking out the label and comparing it with my current feed. To say the least, I was amazed at the change in my horses.  Their coats became glossier than they had ever been, their body condition improved (muscle tone vs body fat was unbelievable).  Our horses have always had steady consistent energy, with the exception of my Draft who seemed to get fatigued quickly.

(Andy – Before Cut N’ Slide)

I was mostly amazed by his transformation.  I have always had to motivate him to go forward, not anymore!  He is forward, steady, strong and happy.  The rest of the horses still have that quiet, consistent energy that is not excitable but steady, strong and happy to be working.


I feel that Running Horse Feed provides a balanced nutrient rich feed that my horses are absolutely thriving on.  I am feeding less and getting more out of your feed.  Thank you so very much for providing a great quality feed at an affordable cost.


Jackie Bishop

Ogallala, NE



Amazing Results in Montana

I have been feeding Running Horse feed for well over a year and I am completely sold on it.  My barrel racing horses love Cut n’ Slide and I am so glad they do.


In the past, with other feeds, I was always looking for more supplements to add, always seeking to increase the energy level and performance.  I would add buffered vitamins, chelated minerals, fat, flax, rice bran, oils, whatever I thought my horse’s needed at the time that their current feed wasn’t providing.  But, it became very costly.  And, there was the molasses problem.  Some did not have enough, some too much.  The feed was soft in the warm weather and hard as a rock in the winter.


About the time Running Horse was available, I purchased a spoiled barrel horse mare that was in poor condition.   She also had an attitude and would rear and refuse to go into the arena.  She was thin, sore and nervous.  I started her on Cut n’ Slide to see how well the feed would perform.  I did not supplement her feed.  She immediately began to gain weight.  Her hair coat improved and amazingly, her attitude began to change too.  With proper handling, she learned to enter the arena easily.  People commented regularly at the positive changes.  I credit it all to her feed, Cut n Slide.

Now all my horses are on Cut n Slide.  I don’t have to add supplements.  The feed is always the same high quality.  Thank you for caring enough to develop a horse feed that truly benefits the equine athlete!


Alyce Hager

Hager Quarter Horses

Billings, Montana




81 Days to Perfect!

We bought “Brumby” for our 7 year old son, Hayes.  Brumby is a 24 year-old gelding and was a perfect fit for my son’s first horse.  Althought Brumby was thin, he was in good health.

Brumby was brought home on March 18, 2008 and we immediately transitioned him to Running Horse Trail Mix.  We worked him up to 5 pounds a day and then switched him to Cut N Slide.  He stayed on Cut N Slide at 6 pounds a day for the remainder of 81 days.  His estimated gain over the 81 days was 200 – 250 pounds!  Along with the Running Horse we fed him free choice grass hay.


The results were amazing!  In 81 days he shed his winter coat, fleshed up and developed the shiney coat seen in his June 9, 2008 photo.

Running Horse is a great product.  We were astounded by the difference made in just 81 days.  I’m sold on the Running Horse line of feed.  Thanks to Running Horse, Brumby looks 10 years younger!

Joe Blankenship

Dickinson, North Dakota